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How to use switching power supply filter capacitor PDF Print E-mail

Many electronics designers know that the power supply filter capacitor in the role, but in the switching power supply output filter capacitors used with the optional frequency filter capacitor in the circuit not the same as used in the filter frequency circuit common electrolytic capacitor, ripple voltage and frequency on which only 100 Hz, millisecond discharge time is orders of magnitude smaller fluctuation coefficients to obtain required electrical capacity of up to hundreds of thousands of microfarads, which typically low-frequency electrolytic capacitors with a common manufacturing, the main goal is to improve the capacity, capacitor capacitance, loss angle and the leakage current is Qieshen is to identify the main parameters of its merits.

    In the switching power supply used as electrolytic capacitor output filter, the frequency of the voltage on the ramp up to tens of kHz, or even tens of MHz, and its different requirements and low-frequency applications, capacitance is not the primary indicators to measure it is good or bad is a frequency of its impedance, asking it to work in the frequency switching power supply there should be such a low impedance at the same time, the internal power supply, due to start work by the semiconductors produce up to several hundred kHz the peak noise with a good filtering effect, the general low-frequency electrolytic capacitors with a common of about 10 kHz, the resistance began to show emotion, switching power supply can not meet the requirements.

    Dedicated high-frequency switching power supply (SMPS) electrolytic capacitors, it has four-terminal tall, the positive leads on both ends of aluminum as a capacitor anode, cathode, respectively, also leads to the two ends of aluminum as the cathode. Power supply current from the four-terminal capacitor into a positive side, after the internal capacitor, and then flows from the positive terminal of the load to another; from the load return current from a capacitor into the negative side, then the flow of power from another negative side negative terminal.

    Because the four-terminal capacitor with good high frequency characteristics, it reduces the output voltage ripple component and the spike noise suppression switch provides a very favorable means.
    There are multi-core high-frequency electrolytic capacitors in the form of aluminum foil will be divided into a number of shorter pieces, connected in parallel with the multi-chip leads to reduce the capacitance of the resistance elements, while the material with low resistivity and use the screw as Lead terminal to enhance the capacity of the capacitor to withstand high current.

    No sense of laminated capacitors, also known as capacitors, electrolytic capacitors generally are rolled into cylindrical cores, the equivalent series inductance is relatively large; and books stacked capacitor structure is similar, because the magnetic flux flowing through the currents were in opposite directions offset, thereby reducing the inductance value, has more excellent high frequency characteristics, such capacitors typically made of a square, easily fixed, you can also reduce the total machine size appropriate.

    In addition, there is a laminated to a combination of four-terminal and four terminal stacked high-frequency electrolytic capacitors, which combines the advantages of both, better high frequency characteristics.

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